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Brief History

The department was founded in 1987. Its main task in the beginning was to train teachers in teaching mathematics and science education at elementary schools. The following is its brief history:

Jul. 1987 

Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Taiwan Provincial Tainan Teachers College  

Jul. 1991

The Collage was promoted, and the Department was renamed Department of Mathematics and Science Education, National Tainan Teachers College

Aug. 1998 

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education split into two departments. The Department of Natural Sciences Education was then named.

Aug. 2000

The College set up Graduate Institute of Teaching Natural Science

Aug. 2001

The College set up Graduate Institute of Natural Science Education  

Aug. 2005

The College was renamed as National University of Tainan

Aug. 2006

The Department was renamed as Materials Science


 Goal of Establishment

1.     The studies at the department focus on Materials Sciences, applied sciences, and sciences education for training students in the Materials Science fundamentals and science teaching discipline.

2.     We aim to develop students research ability in advanced materials including nano-materials, photonic materials and energy materials, and prepare them to have the ability to develop new manufacture technology.

3.  Following the national development policy, we cultivate students with the modern and practical technologies in developing advanced material, and prepare them to well face their future careers.


1. Master Program

       (1) Students must at least accomplish 30 credits for graduation.

       (2) Program for Materials Science including: Material research technology, Paper study, Solid state  physics, Solid state chemistry, Organic analysis, Quantum physics, Electrical materials, Laser
principle and applications, Polymer, and Semiconductor fabrication.

2. Undergraduate Program

    Two programs, including material physics and material chemistry, are provided with the main courses as the following:

       (1) Fundamental courses including: General physics, General chemistry, General physics Lab., General chemistry Lab., Calculus, and Fundamental Materials Science.

       (2) Material-physics core courses including: Applied mathematics, Material thermodynamics, Electronics, Electronics Lab., Electromagnetism, Modern physics and Optics.

       (3) Material-chemistry core courses including: Material inorganic chemistry, Material organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Material analytical chemistry, and Introduction to solid chemistry.

       (4) Material-applied courses including: Introduction to nanomaterial, Introduction to photonic materials, Physical property analysis (Lab.), Laser physics, Semiconductor physics, Polymer material chemistry, Crystal structures, Material synthesis, and Electron microscopy.


    Currently the department has 5 professors, 3 associate professors, and 2 assistant professors. All of them are Ph.D.s with their expertise, among them, 10 are proficient in material, physics and chemistry.

 Characteristics and Expectations

1. Characteristics

    The fundamental theory of Materials Science and the applications are both emphasized in our education training with prominent teaching strategies. The department has a long and respected tradition in keeping a harmonious learning environment between faculties and students. We believe it will strengthen studentscross-disciplinary learning ability and educate them not only the professional technologies but also the career and social skills. With an enthusiastic faculty team, the department is making constantly progress to achieve excellence.

 2. Expectations

     (1) Offering Ph. D. program.

     (2) Establishing the independent Graduate Institute of Natural Science Education

     (3) Magnifying and strengthening cooperation with universities, research institutes and industries.

     (4) Developing effective academic relations with international universities.

 Career Opportunities

1.  Studying in a graduate school for an advanced degree in Materials Science or related field to reinforce teaching or researching capacities.

2.  Getting a job in the related industries or research centers.

3.  Getting a job in an administrative organization of education or research center.


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